Petals by Dani
PO Box 20657
New York, N.Y. 10023


Dani Chou is the owner of Petals by Dani, a boutique floral design studio based in New York City.  Dani's refined, garden style arrangements organically blend unique textures and colors with a nod to the seasons.

Dani's love for flowers and foliage started at an early age.  Growing up in Taiwan, she lived in a traditional courtyard home full of longan, papaya, guava, gardenia shrubs and jasmine vines.  In this lush environment, she developed a keen appreciation for nature, seeing flowers as both a work of art and gift from Mother Nature.  Dani has many fond memories of family meals at the home - table laden with fresh, local produce prepared with love and flowers and foliage to mark the changing seasons.

Dani brings that joy to her work today.  Her background as an international sales executive for top cosmetics companies has given her a discerning eye for detail and luxury.  Her travels - both for work and leisure - have broadened her perspectives and inspired her creativity.